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Samyuktha Sridhar

Hi, I'm Samyu

I'm passionate about using data-driven research and creative mediums to discover what it means to be human from every perspective.

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In my 25 years on the planet, I have flipped through several iterations of my dream career, enticed in every direction by data science, journalism, filmmaking, and music; the common thread in each medium is the ability to convey an idea, tell a story, share an opinion, elucidate a concept, highlight the unknown. Storytelling through any method encourages us both to share the world through our own eyes and to challenge those same preconceived perspectives with curiosity and candor. I think it is imperative that in an increasingly connected world, we never stop listening to and learning from each other to strive for a more complete and equitable understanding of our shared culture.

I currently work as a data analyst with Soundcloud. I am continuing to understand the human experience through data-driven insights and analysis, and I want to share that understanding in a digestible and informative way.

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